What is an NFT?


NFTs or " Non-Fungible-tokens" are unique, one of one, digital assets that are secured by a blockchain, like Ethereum. NFTs often take the form of an image, video, or song, where the holder has full blockchain-proven ownership of the asset. NFTs have created a new medium for Artists, Designers, and Collectors to share their pieces.


Why do you use Blockchain?

We use it as a technology to help keep track of the stuff you own across virtual worlds.


What is a wallet?

A wallet is a place where you keep all your grails. It's like a digital vault that keeps everything safe and secure.



How the Art is Made?

Creative Hybrid uses the latest Design Engines, NFT, and blockchain authentication to produce High-Level Visuals.


Software: Cinema4D, Octane Render, Adobe Technology + More



Why is it Valuable?

All copyrights and ownership details registered via NFT platforms are automatically recorded on Ethereum, providing "provenance" for digital content that can be accessed and verified at any time. In the era of rapid digitization, this provides protection of content creators' and owners' rights, including digital artists, musicians, developers, and more.

What is the significance of Surrealism art?

Surrealism aims to revolutionize the human experience. It balances a rational vision of life with one that asserts the power of the unconscious and dreams. The movement's artists find magic and strange beauty in the unexpected and the uncanny, the disregarded and the unconventional.


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