Creative Hybrid NFT is a Digital Surrealist Gallery exploring

the boundaries of Surrealism Art and the metaverse.

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Creative Hybrid NFT is born on the blockchain to ensure authenticity, ownership and grant access to new experiences.


I believe that blockchain technology has the potential to empower creators to lead, collaborate and create with no limits. 


NFT is also a transformative medium that is going to develop a new paradigm between creativity and commerce.

Core Focuses

Creative Exploration

One of our favorite ways to spark creativity is through exploration. Exploring exposes you to new things. New things are inspiring.

Digital Surrealism Art

Surrealism aims to revolutionize the human experience. It balances a rational vision of life with one that asserts the power of the unconscious and dreams. 

Story Telling and Meaning


Stories are the most powerful tool we, as artists have. It’s not how well we draw or paint or how computer skilled we are. It is our ability to touch a nerve and make our art resonate

with everyday people.


Creative Hybrid Team

Keifer Simpson
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Keifer Simpson

Integrated Brand Designer

and Digital Surrealist (Founder)

    Digital Art  Surrealism is my ideal genesis world. I love experimenting with both color theory, form, and visual aesthetics.

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    Eda ÖZKAN

    Digital Portrait Surrealist 

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    Kailene PiazzaArt

    Creative Abstract Artist


    Shanae Symister

     Digital Marketing and Research


    Verify NFT Creator


    Foundation NFTS

    Paradigm Visuals Collection

    Explore. Discover. Collect.

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    Voice NFTs are minted on a carbon neutral blockchain so that we can preserve our earth while building our future.

    Explore.  Discover.  Collect.